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Professional Services

Informed consent

Informed consent is the fundamental and undeniable right of each patent to be correctly informed about the possible risks tied to a surgical procedure, a medical exam or a new therapy. Most importantly, this type of information must be, first of all, accurate but effective.
We supply illustrated forms (paper or digital) both for generic informed consent (day surgery, local anesthesia, MR scans, etc..) and for specific cardiovascual procedures (coronarography, angioplasty, etc.), or orthopaedic ones (hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis, etc.).


Website content

Are you a patient association or a health center? Do you want to raise awareness on health prevention or work safety with a website? We can provide material or digital contents for your website.


Custom publishing services

We can provide and develop printed and digital products on demand to promote your company and meet your specific needs. Our services include imprinting of your logo, company name and other information, adaptation of design to your custom colors, language translation and content adaptation to your Country’s population and medical practices, content revision by onsite specialists, new product development for targeted diseases and specific audiences.